Ongoing mission: To give voice to young refugees by creating a Syrian school of media

In April 2016, the team at Let me play initiated the set-up of a media school for young Syrian refugees, located in Gaziantep, Turkey. First on its list of tasks is to organize two workshops, held by accompanying filmmakers of Wapikoni mobile, a Quebec organization which gives a voice to Aboriginals around the world.

To ensure its permanence, the establishment of the Syrian School of Media will be monitored by Rozana, an organization already present on the ground in both Turkey and Syria.


Ongoing Mission: to enrish the lives of the children of Syria by creating play areas in refugee camps

At the beginning of September 2015, we launched a new fundraising campaign, entitled “Play Wins the War”, which was created with the goal of initiating play areas in Syrian refugee camps.

Our goals take shape through our team and partners in the field, the Syrian Association for Relief and Development (SARD), in constructing (between April and May 2016), the first prototype in the Ariha camp, situated close to the Turkish border. Residents of this camp, having fled towards the north, gave it this name to honor their native city, destroyed by war.