Our mission

Our mission: Play wins the war.

Creating fun spaces can truly change the world by contributing to the happiness of the most vulnerable children.

When we say ‘play wins the war’, we’ve decided to treat young Syrian refugees as children. Despite their dire conditions and circumstances, our goal is to offer them a chance to be kids again by letting them play, dream, blossom, while giving them a sense of dignity.

Our objectives
  1. Creating and installing safe areas for children to enjoy their basic right to play, amidst the chaos of war-ravaged environments has never been more important.
  2. To create awareness in the minds of Quebecers, Canadians and throughout the world, by starting a wave of solidarity aimed at the happiness of these young Syrians.
  3. We’re partnering with professionals, media, architects and experts who share our crazy dream, working together to make it all happen.
  4. We are fighting pessimism and victimization by creating a rallying cry of joy and a campaign of hope for Syrian children.

Our values

Equality and autonomy
Promote the co-creation of the project with members of the community to foster equality, dignity, autonomy and resilience amongst our most vulnerable.

We are committed to finding and creating innovative and adaptive solutions to install safe zones for children within war-torn and refugee areas.

Include the residents of refugee zones in the creation, transportation and installation of these safe play areas so they can take over and own the project for themselves.

An image of fairness and dignity
Work with our media partners to ensure that the image of those affected by the Syrian war in the camps is treated fairly, positively and with dignity, with the authorization of all those concerned.

Photo: Chadi Alhelou, Atme, 2013