Mission accomplished in Ariha camp!

February 8, 2017

This is it ! Since December 2016, some 170 refugee children living in Ariha camp, not far from the city of Idlib, can let go and express their joy. They can dream, climb, jump and laugh in a play space fit for their imagination.

Ariha is the name of their home city, the one from which they were forced to flee and of which nothing remains. Today, it is the name of the camp that holds 300 families, 10 km from the Turkish border. However, amongst the tents and dust, far from the rubble that was once all these children knew, now stands a playground where they can invent for themselves a new present and forget the war.

One weekend in May 2016, dozens of workers, led by our SARD partners on the ground, put to use their respective skills to make this imagined play space a reality. For a few months, this allowed them to earn enough that their families could live with dignity and regain some pride. As for the children, they contributed their ideas and participated in the final touches of the structure.

Thank you to all of our generous donors for having allowed the realization of this beautiful collective creation, which has fulfilled these children’s primary function: to play!



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